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Why aren't you specialist lawyer?

Specialized bars were introduced, so that clients, who do not know a lawyer, can orient themselves, which lawyers work on which special fields. One must visit for it courses, report examinations placing, have to report the bar regularly about the worked on cases, participate in advanced training seminars. Who partly works as an attorney each day till late evening and also at the weekend, got no more time for it. Regular cases treatment and professional experience for many decades counterbalance the qualification specialist lawyer quite easily.

How do you think about advertisement?

Contrary to former times today, in certain limits, advertisement is permitted to attorneys. I am convinced of it nevertheless: The best advertisement of an attorney are its good reputation and the recommendations of content clients.

To be an attorney means to offer service with a varied far spectrum. One is a councellor, interest representative, emergency aids, sometimes also "confessional father" to comfort souls. The position as an organ of the justice orders seriousness.


For me high polish folders are not compatible with my kind of work. You will not find one at my place. But however this homepage. One must go with the time and offer also technically/organizational the optimum.

How did you get the castle on your homepage title page?

Be sure I don't mean “My home is my (this)castle”. An attorney in Germany usually does not earn so much money that he could afford such a home.

With the selection of the title of my homepage I just show my preference for old castles, ruins and castles on the one hand, for green parks and landscapes on the other hand. My frontispiece shows, so I think, a symbiosis of both, particularly succeeded.