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Born 27 May, 1955, in Munich.

School education first at the Munich Canisiusplatz elementary school and then in Graefelfing at the Gymnasium (high school with junior college) with Abitur (graduation certificate) in 1974.

Then Studies of the Law on the Munich Ludwig-Maximilians-University with First State Examination in fall 1979. Then additional practical training in judicial and other legal work as Referendar in the state of Bavaria, ending with the Second (= bar) State Examination in 1982.

Besides that, supplementary studies in history with emphasis on history of law, taught by professor Gagnér who was not only a teacher for me but who became a fine master to me and even a friend of mine.

July 1982, admission as attorney by the Chamber of Lawyers in Munich. First busy as a freelance in a Munich law office. Since 1 May, 1983 I have been self-employed in an office of my own.