basic idea

curriculum vitae







Main Activities:

Traffic law: Asserting of claims for damages with traffic accidents, clarifying the accident debt, requirements for smart money, driving license things.

Family law: Divorces, claims for alimony, all disputes in addition, but also preparation of marriage contracts.

Criminal law: Defences in criminal cases of all kinds, in particular also during motoring offences, in addition, elaboration of charges

Beyond these are interest emphasis:

Employment law: especially representation concerning contracts of employment, questions of correct notice of termination

Tenant law: especially representation concerning rental and lease contracts, questions of raising rent, accounting ancillary costs and correct giving notice of termination


As the list above shows I have been active for years in practically all kinds of Civil Law. Part of my work is to give advice in questions of contracting, but also in litigating of contract claims, tort claims and unjustified enrichment claims in connection with contracting and malpractice.

Part of my daily work is collecting debts, enforcing claims by legal action and all kinds of execution of civil titles. The relatively short legal periods of prescription and limitation often require to take legal action in time - although it sometimes needs years to convert a judgment into money.

A good relation between lawyer and client require reliance and sincerity!

That for I work for mutual relationship of personal trust between me and my clients. Different to huge law firms where the client often doesn't know the competent lawyer being in charge for him or representing him on the court, you can be sure of the fact that I personally sign myself responsible for your problem - me together with my assistances and employees.

So some clients have me representing them for twenty years and more in all kinds of legal advice and representation.

Lawyers are able to prepare legal decisions and to influence them. However they can't write them. This heightens the necessity of early contact in the interest of good waging the risks. Even if it sometimes hurts.